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Meng Seng Plastic Co.,Ltd. / M.S. Interpack Co.,Ltd.

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  was established on April 1,1986 by the   was established on September 26,1996
  Thai Business Registration# 1108/2529   by the Thai Business Registration#
   Products :   Products :
  Manufacture of Plastic Containers   Manufacture of Plastic Tubes,
  Bottles, Jars, Closure/Caps,   Drinking Water Cap

Powder Case, Lipstick/Lip Balm

   Production Process :   Production Process :
  Blow Mold   Tube Extruder
  Injection Mold   Tube Shoulder
  Injection/Blow Mold (eyedrop products)   Silk Screen / Offset Printing
  Silk Screen Printing   Hot Stamping
  Hot Stamping   Sealing
  Labelling   Capping
  Components Packing   Components Packing
      For Drinking Water Cap:
      was produced by the Hydraulic Rotary
      Compression Press
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